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COLUMBUS, OH, December 1, 2004—As a small- or mid-sized business owner, you face special challenges: a tight economy, a smaller staff playing multiple roles, and the need to compete with larger companies. The risk of letting important business issues go unresolved can be devastating to your business. How can you ensure success in spite of limited resources?

Enter Isthmus, Ltd., a unique professional services referral agency. Specializing in creating business relationships, Isthmus allows companies to focus on their core competencies. Isthmus’ referral service is free to businesses, and can dramatically reduce the time it takes to put a solution in place.

“Our practice is based on a concept we call ‘inside-out marketing,’” states William Mitchin, partner of Isthmus, Ltd. “Most companies are just selling something, and hoping you have a need for it—at Isthmus, we first look internally at your critical challenges and then look outside to find the experts who can fulfill the needs.”

To ensure quality solutions, Isthmus took a best-of-breed approach to building their consortium of service providers. The carefully screened portfolio of organizations currently incorporates more than 20 suppliers in areas such as Human Resources, Technology Services, Training/Education, Staffing/Recruitment, Conference/Event Facilities, Websites, Knowledge Management, Marketing Services, Financial Services, and Products.

Jeane Ellis, Administrator for the Central Ohio Water Polo Club (COWP), turned to Isthmus when the club wanted help developing a website. She attributes COWP’s success to their involvement with Isthmus. “The guidance provided by Isthmus, Ltd. was invaluable,” she says. “We accomplished all of the goals outlined and now have a communication tool that effectively markets our unique product.”



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