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Isthmus, Ltd. conducts detailed research studies to identify  premier solution providers.  Our research is focused on providers with extensive experience in solving business and information technology problems. As a result of this research, Isthmus created a consortium of best of breed solution providers who pay for our services. While others may make similar claims, Isthmusí services are provided at no charge to our customers.

At Isthmus, Ltd. we build trusting business relationships with both the providers and customers so that we know who provides the best solutions for your specific needs.

Isthmus can offer you sound business advice based on years of real-life experiences. In addition, Isthmus will act as a sounding board for your ideas.  The following diagram depicts how the Isthmus, Ltd. model can work for you.

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The success of your business depends on your ability to find markets for your products and services. You can maximize your effectiveness by utilizing your sales force on the customers who are the best match for your company

Isthmus, Ltd. is in the primary business of providing customer leads for suppliers. Pricing is based on our no-risk model that supports this objective. Our income is derived from sales commissions from our suppliers for successful sales to customers identified by Isthmus Ltd.


Isthmus, Ltd. provides a flexible marketing and sales lead program connecting suppliers of services or products with a customer in need of those services or products. The mechanisms for discovering these leads are unique to Isthmus Ltd. and the methods incorporated are intended to insure only valid leads with legitimate needs are offered to you. The success of Isthmus Ltd. is based on the ability of our suppliers to complete successful sales, since Isthmus only collects a commission on successful sales. To ensure that the supplier and customer build a successful relationship, Isthmus Ltd. provides the supplier flexible services designed to their exact needs to complete the sale.

With over 50 years of combined business experience, Isthmus Ltd. can determine when a customerís needs match your products and services.

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