Specialties in Performance Monitoring:

  • SLA Monitoring & Reporting
  • Real-time Transaction Monitoring
  • System Availability and Performance
Company Profile:

InsightETE provides a technology solution that captures real-time transactions from the business-user to proactively measure availability and performance. A graphical representation of this information is presented and highlights how it impacts the user’s ability to do business. In addition to providing quantifiable business benefits, this solution:

Enables businesses to increase revenue by significantly reducing the impact that outages and disruptions may cause.

Improves productivity and efficiency because fewer resources are required and less time is spent monitoring and resolving outages.

Enables rapid problem-solving by identifying the cause and nature of application outages and performance degradations and providing real-time alerts to IT.

Improving customer satisfaction by facilitating more effective communications between the Business and I/T, thereby eliminating “Service-Level Disagreements”


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