Marketing Services

Comet Communications Our unique process—customized for you—can take your company to the next level by delivering:


• INNOVATIVE TEAM that works closely with and executes for you—and is focused on your compete satisfaction.

• EXPERIENCE-BASED EXPERTISE in database, prospecting and sales that complements yours—from selected tactics through entire strategic programs.

• MORE QUALIFIED APPOINTMENT OPPORTUNITIES that include valuable information you can use to effectively manage and add sales momentum.

• SIGNIFICANTLY ENHANCED EFFECTIVENESS & EFFICIENCY that speeds your process and keeps your sales force in front of qualified prospects to achieve optimum return on Investment..

If you want to take your company to the next level faster and more cost-effectively, it just makes sense to work with Comet. Let us show you.  




Pearl Interactive Network’s Services

Pearl Interactive Network offers businesses that want strategic partnerships with trade associations unique opportunities you won’t find at other marketing or P.R. firms. Our company approaches your business with proven strategies designed to help you to become uniquely positioned within your targeted markets.

Once we assess the types of associations that need your products and services, we develop marketing strategies that could include:

  • Endorsed Sponsorships
  • Ad Inclusion in Trade Association Newsletters
  • Booth Space and Sponsorships within Trade Association Business/Tech Fairs
  • Booth Space, Sponsorships and Speaking Engagements at Trade Shows
  • Booth Space and Sponsorship of Educational Seminars
  • Banner Ad and Articles on Web Sites
  • Sponsorship in Membership Directories
  • Sponsorships in Annual Calendars
  • Sponsorship of Member Information Materials
  • Sponsorships of Special Events

As a trade association business partner you will have the opportunity for:

  • Increased Sales
  • Face to Face Personal Contact
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Awareness
  • Corporate Exposure
  • Networking
  • Market Research

b4 Branding

b4 Branding takes a highly focused, tactical approach to research, providing the customer knowledge its clients seek to attain greater confidence in their marketing decisions.

b4 Branding accomplishes this by:

  • Working with its clients first to identify the essential marketing decisions that will be driven by the research findings.
  • Designing the research methodology to focus completely on answering these key marketing questions.
  • Taking an iterative approach to the research, ensuring sufficient information gathering to validate conclusions and avoiding the excessive, duplicative stages that waste time and money.
  • Ensuring that the research findings are stated not merely as data points, but translating the data into meaningful, actionable customer knowledge.
  • Recognizing that the customer experience is not limited to either a "b2b" or "b2c" marketing perspective.
  • Examining the derived customer insights within the totality of the brand experience, from beginning to end.
  • Taking an inductive approach to marketing strategy, using the customer insights to build and support the branding conclusions.

b4 Branding  complements its clients' marketing resources to attain these customer insights quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


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